Sol-Ra PV1-F 125°C Flexible Solar Cable


For the interconnection of PV arrays or modules. Mainly used for LV DC systems in harsh outdoor environments.


Sol-Ra – Single Core, Double Insulated (SDI) and Figure 8 Flexible Cables

TUV Approved TUV PV1-F approved
Cross-Linked E-beam cross-linked insulation and sheath to enhance performance
Low Smoke Reduced smoke emission in a fire situation
Low Toxicity Reduced toxicity in a fire situation
Non-Corrosive No corrosive gas emitted in a fire situation
High Temperature Rating High temperature rating allows for higher currents and so smaller conductor sizes may be used
Flame Retardant Flame retardant, low fire load and non-flame propagating
Extremely Flexible Class 5 or 6 flexible conductor stranding
Easy to Solder Tinned copper conductors for easy adhesion
Tinned copper strands for corrosion protection
Tinned copper for high conductivity soldered connection
Cross-linked insulation and sheath form a stronger lattice and do not melt or flow when heated
Compatible with all popular connectors
UV, ozone and hydrolysis resistant
Class 5 or 6 conductors for extreme flexibility for those awkward to get to connections
RoHS compliant to European environmental requirements
LSZH to reduce hazards during a fire
Long service life – 25 years at 90°C
Conductor Tinned annealed copper wire, class 5 or 6
Insulation Polyolefin copolymer electron-beam cross-linked
Sheath Polyolefin copolymer electron-beam cross-linked
Colours SDI’s – red or black, black sheath
Fig 8 – red and black, black sheath
Temperature -40°C to + 125°C
Voltage 0.6/1kV AC, 1/1.8kV DC
Applicable Standards

TUV PV1-F No. 2PfG 1169/08.2007, IEC 60332-1, IEC 61034,EN 50268-2,DIN 51900,

UNE 211 23,UNE 20 460-5-52,UTE C 32-502 VDE 0295/IEC 60228

Flexible Conductor Class 5

Tinned Copper for Corrosion Resistance

Minimum Service Temperature -40°C

Maximum Service Temperature 125°C

Maximum Short Circuit Temperature 280°C (Max 5s)

Impact Resistant

Abrasion Resistant

Chemical And Oil Resistant

Flame Non-Propagation

Minimum Recommended Bend Radius Fixed 4 x OD

UV Resistant

Low Temperature Resistance Excellent

Low Smoke Zero Halogen


Code Description Conductor CSA mm² STRANDING No. of Strands/mm NOMINAL DIAMETER mm CURRENT RATING Amps WEIGHT Kg/km Enquire About
48396A Single Core, Double Insulated 4 56/0.30 6.1 55 70
48397A Single Core, Double Insulated 6 84/0.30 7.2 70 95
48509A Single Core, Double Insulated 10 142/0.30 9.0 98 140
48510A Single Core, Double Insulated 16 228/0.30 10.2 132 210
48398A Figure 8 4 56/0.30 6.1 x 13.7 55 142
48399A Figure 8 6 84/0.30 7.1 x 15.5 70 200
48511A Figure 8 10 142/0.30 8.5 x 18.7 98 290
48512A Figure 8 16 228/0.30 10.0 x 21.6 132 430