Sydney Trains - Multi-Core Signal Cables


Branch line feeding, light signalling, track switching, ETCS and boom gates. Suitable for direct burial and specifically designed for Australian conditions in accordance with SPG 1010


Suitable for Outdoors

UV resistant sheath extends life in exposed environments

Easy to Install

Class 2 stranding and cable fillers make for easy stripping and terminating

Termite and vermin protected

UV stabilised polyamide 12 nylon jacket shields the cable from termites and vermin

Double layer copper tape

Overlapped double copper tape ensures vermin protection and earth fault detection (where applicable)


Oxygen free plain annealed copper wire
Stranded circular conductors are suitable for fixed installations
RoHS compliant to comply with European environmental requirements
V90 insulation and 5V90 sheath for high ambient temperature applications and long term durability
Metre marked



Oxygen free plain annealed copper wire, class 2



Inner Sheath 5V90 PVC
Copper Tape Double copper tape with overlap
Outer Sheath 5V90 PVC
Termite Barrier PA 12 Nylon

White with black numbering



-10°C to + 90°C



Applicable Standards

AS/NZS1125, AS/NZS3808, AS/NZS5000.1, AS/NZS1660.5.6, IEC 60228, SPG 1010, SPG 1011

Minimum Service Temperature -10°C

Maximum Service Temperature 90°C

Maximum Short Circuit Temperature 160°C (Max 5s)

Impact Resistant

Chemical And Oil Resistant

UV Resistant

Minimum Recommended Bend Radius Fixed 20 x OD


Code Application No. Of Cores x Conductor CSA mm² STRANDING No. of Strands/mm NOMINAL DIAMETER mm WEIGHT Kg/km Enquire About
19101 Sydney Trains Item Number 2 6 x 1.5 7/0.50 21.2 547
19104 Sydney Trains Item Number 3 15 x 1.5 7/0.50 26.1 895
48296 Sydney Trains Item Number 4 25 x 1.5 7/0.50 30.3 1234
48297 Sydney Trains Item Number 5 50 x 1.5 7/0.50 37.8 2112