Traction Return Bonding and Track Connection


Electrical connection between individual rails of a railway line. Used as part of the control circuit for the detection of trains and consequently the operation of the signalling system.


Suitable for outdoors

UV resistant sheath extends life in exposed evironments

Easy to Install

Flexible insulation and conductor stranding for close connections

Heavy duty

Exceptional mechanical strength, impact and abrasion resistance

Chemical and oil resistant

Resistant to a range of chemicals, lubricants and oils


Fine stranding for easy bending
Thermosetting rubber for excellent strength retention in high ambient temperature applications
Insulation and sheath are bonded together for additional strength
The conductor is taped to assist stripping and to protect the conductor
Metre marked


Conductor Annealed copper, aluminium alloy 1350, stainless steel 304 or galvanised steel 1570
Insulation HD-90-CSP

Orange, yellow or black



-10°C to + 90°C



Applicable Standards

AS/NZS1125 (copper and aluminium), AS/NZS3569 (galvanised steel), AS/NZS3808, AS/NZS5000.1,SPG 1010, SPG 1014, SPS 49, VRIOGS 012.6


Code Description NOMINAL DIAMETER mm WEIGHT Kg/km Enquire About
48730 608/0.50mm Cu/HD-90-CSP 21.1 1434
48731 962/0.50mm Cu/HD-90-CSP 25.5 2209
48699 925/0.50mm Al/HD-90-CSP 27.8 730
48658 1525/0.50mm Al/HD-90-CSP 32.4 1150
48700 84/0.30mm TC/HD-90-CSP 10.2 166
48703 7/19/0.30mm Gal St/HD-90-CSP 11.6 212
48701 7/19/0.26mm SS/HD-90-CSP 11.0 181
48732 494/0.50mm Al/HD-90-CSP 19.7 577