Silicone Rubber/ Glass Braided Single Core 200°C


For use in heating equipment and areas with high ambient temperature. Also for applications that require additional abrasion resistance and mechanical strength


High Temperature Rating

Silicone rubber insulation is suitable for use in high temperatures

Flexible Stranding

Class 5 flexible conductor stranding

Abrasion Resistant

Varnish impregnated glass braid provides excellent abrasion resistance

Easy to Solder

Tinned copper conductors for easy adhesion

Mechanical Strength

Glass braid coupled with silicone insulation gives good tensile strength


R-S-200 insulation is suitable for operation in temperatures up to 200°C (R-S-150 for temperatures to 150°C)
Silicone rubber exhibits excellent electrical resistance
Double glass braid gives 100% coverage of silicone insulation
Varnish impregnated glass braid provides excellent wear resistance, particularly at high temperatures
Tinned copper strands for corrosion protection



Tinned annealed copper wire, class 5


R-S-200 or R-S-150


Glass fibre braid impregnated with silicone varnish


Blue, black, brown, green, red, white



0°C to + 200°C - Single Cores up to 6mm

Flexible Conductor Class 5

Tinned Copper for Corrosion Resistance

Maximum Service Temperature 200°C

Maximum Short Circuit Temperature 350°C (Max 5s)

Impact Resistant

Abrasion Resistant

Minimum Recommended Bend Radius Fixed 6 x OD

Bambach Product Specifications

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Code Conductor CSA mm STRANDING No. of Strands/mm NOMINAL DIAMETER mm CURRENT RATING Amps WEIGHT Kg/km Enquire About
10046 0.5 16/0.20 3.3 19 14
10050 0.75 24/0.20 3.4 24 17
11190 1 32/0.20 3.8 28 21
11310 1.5 30/0.25 3.9 37 25
11490 2.5 50/0.25 4.5 50 39
12125 4 56/0.30 5.3 67 54
12250 6 84/0.30 6.7 87 76