316 Stainless Steel Braid - Circular


Use in earthing, EMI shielding and marine installations. Copper braids can also be used as battery straps for termination or installed over cables for additional protection. Stainless steel can be used as flexible strength members.


Flexible Stranding

Superfine conductor stranding gives increased flexibility

Duplex Braid

Duplex braids offer larger conductor areas without the increased width, while maintaining flexibility

Robust Build

Battery straps and duplex braids are more durable than regular braids

Custom Terminated Braids

Made to suit specific customer dimensions


  Lugs are pressed to increase mechanical strength of termination
  Terminated braids can be fitted with tinned annealed copper lugs for maximum conductivity
  Braids are manufactured with a shorter lay length to increase torsion resistance and improve flexibility
  Tinned copper and 316 grade stainless steel limits the affects of oxidisation and corrosion
  Stainless steel braids for excellent mechanical strength
  Oxygen free tinned copper for high conductivity soldered connections




Oxygen free tinned or plain annealed copper or grade 316 stainless steel



Applicable Standards

AS/NZS1125, IEC60228

Bambach Product Specifications

Braids and Terminated Braids - Specification Sheet Download
Bambach Product Catalogue Download


Code Conductor CSA mm STRANDING No. of Strands/mm NOMINAL DIAMETER mm WEIGHT Kg/km Enquire About
12201 2.26 24/3/0.20 3.7 22
12200 3.01 24/4/0.20 3.9 29