Axle Counter Cables


Multipair and star quad cables for axle counter systems. Generally not for direct burial. These cables are designed for various axle counter systems, manufacturers and networks.

Bambach Product Specifications

Axle Counter Cable Data Page Download


Code Application Description NOMINAL DIAMETER mm WEIGHT Kg/km Enquire About
17715 ARTC 2PR 7/0.50mm PC V90/SCR/5V90/NYL/5V90 17.1 302
19181 QR 1Q 1/0.64mm PC HDPE/SCR/HDPE/NYL/5V90 7.7 71
16066 VRIOGS 1Q 1/0.90mm PC HDPE/HDPE/SCR/HDPE/NYL 8.9 112
16067 VRIOGS 1Q 1/1.38mm PC HDPE/SCR/HDPE 12.3 151