At Bambach, we have been providing service and innovation to the electrical industry for over 70 years. Our dedicated and experienced staff draw on this experience to ensure optimum products, service and assistance.

We hold a comprehensive range of cables in our offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Newcastle for convenient, local service and supply.

You also will not find any hidden charges on our invoices. That’s right, no cutting fees!

Braids and Terminated Braids

We manufacture an extensive range of braids and battery straps that can also be supplied cut-to-length and terminated.


Bambach Control cable is made with tinned copper conductors, and user friendly black numbers on white core.

Data and Instrumentation

For connection of low voltage signal, audio and instrument equipment. Used when EMI screening is required

EMC / VSD Cable

With both a tin copper and aluminium tape screen, Bambach EMC offeres 100% coverage for high and low frequencies.

Flexible Earths

Bambach's range of flexible earths are available in both tinned and plain copper. Applications include industrial sub distribution boards, transformers, generators and wherever large flexible earths are required.


Halogen free, low smoke, high temperature, flame retardant cables.

Our range of Betatherm halogen-free cables are flame retardant and temperature resistant.

High Temperature

To be used in applications where extreme high or low temperatures are apparent. Our range high temperature range includes cables with high mechanical strength and abrasion resistant qualities.

Low Voltage

For use in extra low voltage applictions


Australian-made signal and control cables are suitable for use in intrinsically safe applications. 

Power Cables

Used as submains for power supply to individual distribution boards.Also used for power supply in industrial environments. Installed in static environments where increase current ratings are needed.

Pump Cable

The Bambach Pump Cable is submersible to depths of 1000m. Typically used for power and control cable for pumps and other submerged equipment.

PVC Flex

Available in a range of colours, our Australian made flex is a wiring staple. Applications include wiring of switchboards, general wiring, control, instrumentation and communication systems.

Rubber H07 RN-F

Our range of Multi-core and Single Double Insulated (SDI) heavy-duty rubber cables are submersible and impact, chemical and weather resistant. Used to supply power in demanding applications such as submersible pumps and lighting in harsh environments.

Telephone Cable

For connecting telephone networks to the exchange above and below ground. For use in switchboards and internal wiring.

Traffic Cables

Our range of Australian-made traffic cables are preferred by contractors. Cables are used in industive vehicle detector loops with traffic signal applications and connecting the control box to the loop detector cable.

Custom Cables

With your knowledge and our know-how, we offer a range of options for customised cables.